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Our process of professional painting combines an extensive knowledge of paint makers, materials, colors, textures, and more.

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At Perrysburg Painting, you’ll get the best services in professional painting, residential painting, commercial painting, exterior and interior services, and property management. Our professionals are creative, organized, and thoroughly committed to helping your property look stunning.

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We are providing the best Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Ohio at an affordable cost.

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How Our Process Works

We Plan

Whether beginning from zero or renovating a current interior or exterior, we can execute your idea.

Our team of professional painters manages the entire painting project, from beginning to end.

​​​​​​​With our detailed plan, there are no hidden costs and no surprises.

We Design

Before starting our team will provide you with color consultation, we will create a project for your space, with textures, elements, and right colors that you and our team believe that matches the property.

​​​​​​​Then, you’ll watch the concept of the space come to life.

We Paint Professionally

During the entire process of painting, our flexible and reliable team will ensure to work with your schedule.

​​​​​Communication is a crucial part of our work: you always know what’s happening and when.

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The answer by the painting contractor could give you the confidence that you have the right company to do a complete job. Every customer when it comes to painting will not be aware of all the complete process it takes to paint a house. You can avoid a lot of confusion by providing to the contractors a project description.
When a contractor submits price, job specifications, it will be hard to impossible to compare with other contractors just on price. By giving the customer a checklist with specific details of each part of the job, then your proposal will stand out from the others and will appear extremely professional.
Without a checklist a customer sees one has an extra finish coat, other will completely leave out a prime coat. by leaving out certain specifications to the customer the contractor believes this is the only way to outbid the completion.

Having a warranty is a must

Showing your true colors by having a warranty can show a lot of confidence to your customer if something goes wrong. It is very unlikely a problem will exist, but in the event it does, it is nice to see that someone will be there if a problem exists.

High Points of a Warranty Policy
Usually the contract is for three years from the date of the contract. The painting company will repair cracking, peeling or chipping paint resulting from defective workmanship.

Enforceable Warranty to be Effective Should Have:

Original contract ​​​​​​​
Job was paid in full
Contact with Company
Property accessible to make repairs

Painting contractor will:

Perform all the covered repairs at no cost to you
Prepare all surfaces in original contract
Access to the property to perform the repairs

What warranty does not cover:

The paint provided is by another source.
Any work done by a non-employee of the company will not be covered.
Water detected in a destructive way.
Moisture problem.
Paint will peal to bare wood. (Large amounts of moisture)
Paint bubbling
Varnished or natural wood surfaces.
Not responsible for exact matching existing colors or textures.
Conditions that are a result of failure of the paint itself.
Mildew, mold or any other environmental condition.
Natural disasters flooding, lighting or earth quakes.

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