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If you have a commercial establishment, epoxy flooring is highly recommended. It makes the surface of the floor durable. The epoxy coating protects the flooring from scratches, dents, and many more.

It is advisable to be used on concrete floors. As a result, the flooring will become smoother and tough. This will make it suitable to withstand a tremendous amount of weight.

There is a meticulous process that is involved in coating the floor. There are several factors to consider in doing it, and we are aware of them. We would like to share it with you as we list it down in bulleted points below.

How old is the concrete?
Is the temperature just right?
Is the primer already settled?

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Those factors are crucial in determining whether the coating will last or not. If not met, the coating will bubble and eventually strip off. This is why we apply extreme attention to detail to every epoxy coating job.
We have the best formula to ensure satisfying results, just like how we allow the primer to settle first before applying the epoxy coating for greater durability. It will make the epoxy stick well on the floor’s surface, making it more effective in its functions.
Also, we believe that substandard products will ruin the whole process. This is why we see that the materials we will use are all premium and proven effective.

The Pros of Epoxy Floor Coating

There are lots of advantages of availing of our epoxy floor coating services. You already had a glimpse of it a while ago. We will dig deeper into them and will discuss more of their advantages!

It provides an outstanding gloss on the flooring. In return, this will improve the look of your property too.
Adds up layers of protection
It makes the flooring easier to clean up as dirt will repel easily
It makes the flooring less slippery
It preserves the current condition of the floor
The floor area will be much more comfortable to walk on
It makes the floor resistant from stains and other kinds of liquids

We have learned that epoxy floor coating will do a lot of good to your property. So if you need a heavy-duty floor then avail of our services. You’ll surely never regret it.

The combination of experience, best tools, and materials will bring great results. The good thing is we do not charge that much, saving you tons of cash. Just do not hesitate to avail of our services, and we are happy to assist you!

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