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Can’t Find the Right Paint? Perrysburg Painters is Here to Help

Choosing the right paint for your home can be a stressful activity. And sometimes, this flux can lead to delays, taking much longer to complete the job causing unnecessary tension & inconvenience for the client and painter. At Perrysburg Painters, we have helped multiple clients choose the perfect paint for every room and create happy homes. We make their journey simpler by guiding them through every step of the way and helping them envision their room with Benjamin Moore’s Collection Tool to find the perfect color. 

With just a few steps, we help our clients find the right color. These are:

  1. Getting started
  2. Understanding the role of paint color
  3. Decoding your style
  4. Shortlisting color options
  5. Trying samples
  6. Providing our expertise

Let’s go through all these steps one by one for your better understanding.

Step-by-Step Guide to Find the Right Paint Color 


When you get started with deciding the paint color for your walls, it’s natural to look for inspiration outside however you might experience an inspiration explosion at this point. Be it the ideas you’ve saved on Instagram or Google, from magazines or TV, you might be having a plethora of them. The first step would be to start narrowing all the inspirations you have by understanding whether it is practical for your home and looking at other perspectives – if you have already narrowed down your choice, then you are on the right track. 

Here are some channels of inspiration you could use to find the perfect color idea for your bedroom or any other space in your home:Paint ideas for bedroom

  • Online Inspiration: You could browse through Pinterest (a social media image-sharing platform), Houzz (an app & website), and Instagram (an image-sharing platform).
  • TV: You could check out channels like TLC, HGTV, Discover & DIY to get inspiration.
  • Others: This includes magazines, neighborhoods, previous work by the painter, etc.

While some homeowners love to give their walls a colorful and unique look, others might go for a safer choice of neutral colors. For those, who need a little extra help in perfecting their color schemes, it is important to understand the importance of paint colors in their home’s overall look.

The role of paint is bigger than just looking beautiful – it has a deep impact on your mind, behavior, and personality. The colors of paint can elicit certain feelings like happiness, anger, sadness, lively, and so on. They can make a room look cozy and small, or make small rooms look bright and bigger. If you are planning to sell your home, certain paint colors can directly increase your home’s value substantially.

Usually, homes with neutral-color walls sell quickly as opposed to hose with bright walls as the buyer is able to get a clearer picture and may be able to imagine their lives in the home. With a bright color that doesn’t resonate with the buyer’s personality, it could be a turn-off, impacting the final choice.



Do you have a signature style or are you a fan of neutrals? Before you begin anything, it is important to understand your style & personality so that that reflects in the paint selection. It is important that you have a clear idea of your goals, likes & dislikes to get good results. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

  • What are your goals for that particular room? Is it to have a calming effect or make it energized or lively?
  • Does this room have a very specific role to play in your home? Is it to give you a sense of realization as in the case of a bathroom, or do you want to give it a creative angle for a kid’s playroom?
  • Do you want all rooms to flow together or would you rather want each room to be a stand-alone?

Colors are incredible design tools, each with different strengths & weaknesses. For example, if you aim to make a small room look large, you must avoid dark paints. Dark colors are better when the spaces are huge, or there are any imperfections on the wall.

Light colors on the other hand make the space look bigger and allow more natural light to enter a room. That said, no amount of lighter color can double the size of your room, but only give an illusion of a bigger room.



Now that you have found some perfect paint ideas for the bedroom and color schemes for other rooms, it’s time to narrow them down. This could be tougher than one would imagine as all the colors you have selected until now are amazing and thoughtful. Well, you could use a handy tool that will help you in choosing the right colors – The Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer. The tool’s advanced technology allows you to help your clients envision how colors will look in their space.

You can upload a picture of your space on the tool, or select from the Benjamin Moore library. After choosing the picture, it is time to test the colors on your walls and get a realistic idea of how your space would look. Using the Color Viewer, you can also get a bigger picture to understand how will colors look in your home. It gives a very realistic image of your home, allowing you to understand how the color will look against the room furnishing. 


After you have shortlisted the colors, no matter how realistic an image the tool gives, you must create samples of paints on the wall for a better understanding. We use small paint samples and paint them next to each other so that the homeowner can understand with one looks better. We prefer leaving out the paint sample for a day (depending on the time available) so that they can understand the impact of paint during different times of the day. 

  • Sampling is an essential step and we make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied by providing them samples of all the shortlisted colors so that they get the desired results.


Being an expert in the paint industry, we help our customers in fitting the pieces together by providing our expertise in the selection process. Customers hire us for a reason, and we make sure we meet all of their needs. Here are some ways in which we help our customers:

  • Listening to our clients to clearly understand their wants and desires to fuel their paint ideas.
  • Encouraging questions so that our clients can make a knowledgeable decision about pricing, quality, and design of paint. We also provide our opinion whenever required to help with decision-making.
  • Inspiring our clients by providing paint inspirations and ideas. We understand their personality and style to make recommendations that resonate with their requirements.
  • Advising our clients by brainstorming with them on the color strips through the bottom to top analysis. If customers can live with the darkest color on the bottom, we have wide options as they would be open to the middle and top levels of strips (lightest colors) as well. However, if they show any inclination towards the lightest, the remaining colors will look the same.
  • Helping them choose the right finish suitable for their respective areas.
  • Incorporating architectural features for molded and wainscoting ceilings in pain ideas by using contrasting colors to create an elaborate and delightful visual experience.


Need expert advice & painting services for your home or office? If you happen to live in Ohio, then you need to look no further. Connect with us now – we at Perrysburg Painters help our customers with end-to-end services, starting from consultation on the right paint for your space to delivering the final results. All you need is to drop a message, and we’ll help you kickstart your journey to your happy home. Click here to connect.

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