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 Home Painting And Décor Ideas for Women

 Home Painting And Décor Ideas for Women

Pink, delicate, romantic, floral… these are some standard terms for a women’s bedroom or home decor ideas. With most magazines, websites & other media promoting feminine decor under these labels, it is easy to get lost in the cliche interior designing world that allows little space for creativity. It’s time we break the box! 

Every woman is unique—while you may like a boho theme, another woman could be an admirer of the shades of blue. The paint you choose must reflect your personality instead of fitting in the gender quotient. Here are some not-so-pink or delicate yet unconventional and super chic ideas for women’s home decor.

Top Trends for Women to Decorate Their Home

#1 Why should boys have all the blue?

Well, we’ve grown up learning that blue is for boys and pink is for girls—it’s time to unlearn as you would be surprised to know how amazing the colour can make your bedroom look chic yet feminine. In fact, many amateurs and professionals use this women’s bedroom decor idea widely because of its versatility. It is a timeless hue that will make your decor stand out. You can add textures and luxury elements to the room to elevate the entire look of the space.

According to a celeb interior designer, the colour blue—while not the first choice that pops up to our mind—is a shade that makes the space appear open and calm. Its relaxing qualities and connection with nature make it an incredibly popular choice for bedroom colours. While many find the pale & powdery shade of blue as the go-to option, its darker shades like dark or royal blue are amazing options as well. The latter adds the elements of calm, cosiness, and luxury to the space. This is also a great choice for women’s home office decor ideas, making the room look professional yet classy.

women’s home office decor ideas

#2 The Memory Wall

Pictures tell a thousand stories—it’s time you tell yours via an elaborate memory wall in your home. You can paint the wall a neutral colour, for instance, off-white, white or gey and let your pictures do the magic. Do not go for a bright and eye-catching colour as it will work as a distraction and can make the wall look cluttered & messy. 

When it comes to shortlisting your photos, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. You can use a mix of pictures of you, your hobbies, family, interest areas, special moments, etc. Treat yourself to champagne selfies, slogans, and other prints, and turn out the artist in you to create an arrangement that you are going to admire later.

#3 Add Textures with a Bohemian Theme

Have you heard of the bohemian design theme? If not, you are missing out on something super interesting that could be the right choice for your home. The bohemian theme is where peace, love, and tactility meet. A theme from the 70s that is gaining traction in the present day & age, boho designs are all about macramé wall hangings, colourful, psychedelic rugs, and wooden textures. It also usually flaunts an arrangement of plants indoors that further brings out the natural element and elevates the look of the entire setting.

#4 A Dramatic Master Wall 

A masterpiece doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting or a showpiece, it could be simply a wall. Painting one wall of your room with a dramatic colour or putting up an intense wallpaper can do magic to your room, giving it an elegant and luxurious look. You can complement it with matching furniture that is just as expressive as you to create a holistic look. 

You can hang some pictures in the room that go with the theme to elevate it further. This will act as a breaker and a focal point, making the room look bigger. The key to nailing this theme is creativity, and there is no limit to that. It allows you to showcase your favourite colours, quirky items, and patterns that have otherwise been occupying your storage room.

#5 Panels, Wallpapers & Textures: A Playful Amalgamation

Rather than opting for one colour or wallpaper for the entire wall, why not make it an amalgamation of your favourite wallpapers, colours, textures, and design elements. Let your creative fluids flow—it’s your master wall, after all. You can introduce panelling to the room to provide it with a gothic and dramatic finish. Further, the wallpaper behind can make the space a separate zone itself through a strategic play of colours. 

With the colours, you can try using a combination of pastels with neutrals or go bold with pinks & reds to make the space look hip and feminine. You can complete the look with complementary furniture and beddings to create a true masterpiece that will grab the eyeballs of all your guests. A trending women’s bedroom decor idea, it should definitely make it to your list if you are planning for a revamp this year.

#6 A Rustic Country Look

women’s bedroom decor ideas

This damsel is not so distressed—rustic homes use distressed walls that are a symbol of strength, power & resilience. Rustic, distressed walls use worn detailing to achieve the final outcome. For instance, professionals usually use chalk finish paint to achieve that rough matt texture (click here to understand the types of paints) on the walls. Although cliche, it is always a good idea to have some flowers in your home to complement its rustic charm. You can also go ahead to paint the doors, windows, and even floors white to achieve that authentic farmhouse-like finish. 

Things That A Women Should Never Do in Home Revamp

Do not let your women’s abode spill over and make the space look like a mess. Here are some tips that women must avoid during a home renovation:

  1. Excessive Colors or Textures: A little too much of something is also bad. Thus, do not paint the entire house pink or bold, and do not add frills or other elements.
  2. Collage Photo Frames: Let some college things stay in the college. Those big collage photo frames consisting of multiple images in one frame might not be a good idea now. You can instead create a memory wall with an interesting arrangement of frames to enhance the appearance of the home.
  3. Cheap Bedding: Who isn’t tempted to save a few dollars when presented a chance—cheap bedding is one that everyone falls for. Avoid using cheap beddings as they can damage the entire appearance of a room.

Hope it was an insightful read that helped you figure out your style. If these options don’t feel like you, you can also go for a french-style room with chocolate/neutral colours and explore more to make sure you can get the interior you can appreciate for the next few years at least.

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