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How Are Women Changing the Home Decor Industry?

The home decor industry is changing at a fast pace—the digitization & evolving consumption patterns have only accelerated its growth. Women, who have been an integral part of this industry, have been making strides, acting as a catalyst with their new trends and ideas. As a lot of women traditionally, either by choice or situation, tend to spend a great amount of time at home, they have a practical sense of which color or object will make the space aesthetically appealing and functionally better. However, today, a women’s role in the home decor industry is not limited to this, as iconic female interior designers are celebrated across the globe for their invaluable contribution.

Iconic Women In Home Decor Industry

Women are truly changing the home decor industry, and this can be traced by noting their outstanding contribution time, and now that continues to be studied and practiced by professionals. Here are some iconic women and their contributions to the industry:

#1 Geometric Designs by Zaha Hadid

Geometric Designs by Zaha Hadid

A globally celebrated Iraqi-born British architect, Zaha Hadid is remembered for her unrivaled use of geometric lines at the Heydar Aliyev Centre and Dongdaemun Design Plaza projects. She redefined 21st-century architecture and captivated the minds of people with her spatial, fluid designs. Her demise in 2016 was a shock and the biggest loss for the industry.

#2 Good Design by Ilse Crawford

A critique, teacher, and creator—Ilse Crawford’s contribution to the interior design world is unmatched. A London-based interior designer, Ilse enhanced her design skills as the founding editor at Elle Decoration, after which she went on to develop Donna Karan’s home collection. She was known for her cerebral approach to design, with the belief that good design can enhance the way of living, and was successfully able to transfer her knowledge to a new generation throughout her career.

#3 The Millenial Pink by India Mahdavi

A celebrated French interior designer, she thrives on colors, which can be seen in her famous work, dousing sketches of London’s interior, head-to-toe candyfloss pink. The brain behind the Millenial pink trend, her playful genius is leveraged for covetable product collaborations such as Louis Vuitton’s table & tray, Pierre Frey’s fabrics, and De Gournay’s wallpapers. Turning childhood cartoon inspirations into trendy instagrammable spaces, she succeeded in something that no other designer could.

#4 Fearless Designs by Kelly Wearstler

The hottest American interior celebrity designer, Kelly, pioneered the usage of unexpected textures, brave shapes, and invigorating color palettes. Known for her distinctive work, she runs a lifestyle brand that includes offerings for decor, lighting, jewelry, and more. Her work is absolutely fearless, and that is what makes her stand apart in the crowd.

How are Women Making a Difference in the Home Decor?

From being an entrepreneur to a professional, women are taking on new roles to establish authority in the industry. If you ever attend a home decor improvement full of female heads, you’ll know what we’re talking about. They are taking on new roles in the industry to enhance innovation, collaboration, and growth. Here are some ways in which women are making a change in the industry:

  1. The Female Perspective: The spaces we design are used by both males & females. Women designers bring in that much-needed female perspective to create spaces for all. While we cannot deny the absolutely amazing contribution of male designers, they cannot possibly fill in the need for a female perspective in designing spaces. Women interior designers are bringing new concepts and ideas to the table for designs and places that are accessible to everyone. They bring in the element of sophistication, elegance, and eloquence that are fundamentally women’s traits, taking the designs to a whole new level.
  2. Communication is the Key: Women encourage communication in workplaces, which is the key to the success of any project. They engage actively with teams, clients, and professionals with their effective relationship-building skills instead of many male counterparts who often face communication barriers due to their stereotypical beliefs and attitudes. This does not mean that men cannot be great communicators, but women naturally have a social quality of listening and are more compassionate in their communication. This is why many women are now successfully taking up leadership and entrepreneurship roles in the industry.
  3. Higher Profits: With equal workplace opportunities and more women in offices, there has been an increase in women’s earning and spending capacity. They are substantially contributing to consumers’ metrics of the home decor industry. To cater to this segment of the audience, women entrepreneurs or leaders are better able to understand their interests and concerns, creating solutions and products that meet their requirements. Once they get their market approach right, many skilled women in home decor are able to contribute a massive chunk of profits with their work.
  4. More & Diverse Workforce: Unfortunately, the corporate world is still plagued by the idea that women might not be able to establish a healthy work-life balance, and their personal responsibilities might impact their productivity at work. The reality is far away from the myth as time & now, women entrepreneurs have proved successful in facing challenges and balancing home and career. They are, in fact, more understanding and are open-minded to hiring more women & men employees alike. Also, female employees feel safe working around female colleagues, especially in positions where women hold prominent positions.

Final Thoughts

With the emergence of social media & other digital platforms, women in home decor and other industries are coming forward to narrate their journeys and encourage more female professionals around the world with their stories. Today, women have come forward to take the role of job creator instead of job seeker. Also, the home decor industry is going through another massive transformation as people are becoming conscious of not just social but environmental concerns as well. Sustainability is becoming a major concern, and people are moving to eco-friendly paints and products for their home decor.

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